Rejaz M Sydeek is one of the students from Kerala who was attacked on Friday afternoon in Shillong

Shillong: Two youths identified as Rejaz M Sydeek and Sarath S Thambi from Central University, Karnataka, were assaulted by a group of 30 bikers on Friday at Jaiaw Pdeng locality in Shillong.

The assault took place at 4:30 pm. The two youths from Kerala have been in Shillong for nearly a month doing their internship with Impulse NGO.

Narrating the incident, Sydeek said that close to 30 youngsters armed with blunt objects and helmets started to attack them and his friend Sarath was punched in the face.

“We were saved by staff of a restaurant; they were pleading with the attackers not to assault us. It took time to understand what was happening. We were shocked because it was our first experience in Shillong,” said Sydeek.

Hurt and shocked by the incident, Sydeek said, “India is a diverse country and everyone should be treated with respect and equality. We don’t like to generalise Shillong and the people of Meghalaya with such an isolated incident. The government and society should take moral responsibility to correct the attackers and get them on the right path.”

An FIR has also been filed in the incident. According to the FIR filed by Impulse NGO, Case Manager, Bariphylla Lyttan, at around 4:30 pm she received a call from the intern informing that they got beaten up by a group of bikers.

“The bikers saw them and they shouted and then attacked our interns. They were very scared and with the help of the owner of the restaurant and few of the people who were in the area, they were able to escape with minor injuries,” mentioned the case manager in the FIR.

Impulse NGO has requested the police department to take a strict action against the people involved in this violence, as they are students who have come to learn but now they will be leaving with a scar.

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