Fact check: Video of massive gator coming out of swamp not from Dipor Bil

With Assam being ravaged by incessant rains and floods at the moment, the people of Assam are already worried. Adding to the chaos, several netizens are sharing videos without any context, and adding to the worry. Some netizens shared a video of a massive alligator claiming to be from the Mikir Para Chakardoi village under the Deepor Beel region.

Fact Check

EastMojo did a fact-check and found that the original video of the alligator was posted by Facebook user Evelyn Bell who had shared the video as a Facebook Reel on June 16, 2022.

The original video was captured when Bell was driving along Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive – a nature preserve in Orange County, Florida, and spotted the gator. While speaking to Newsweek, she said that she was travelling through the preserve when she heard two loud bellows coming from somewhere near her. She tracked down the sound and captured footage of the massive bull alligator.

Bell posted another video and explained that she was inside her car while recording the massive gator from afar.

The Forest Department of Assam also shared the video on Twitter and issued a clarification that the video being circulated claiming to be from Deepor Beel is fake.

In the original Reel posted by Evelyn Bell, the text on top of the video reads “Mating Call”, which has been altered in the reshared videos and covered with a location tag for the Mikir Para Chakardoi village.

Officials said male gators often lift their tails high and slap the water with their mouths to produce vibrations throughout the water, according to a report by Fox 35 news. The gator in the video is shown doing this ritual to signal to all the female gators in the area that he is ready for a mate.

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