Shillong: Meghalaya’s Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) on Wednesday strongly objected to the Harijan Panchayat Committee (HPC) coming up with conditions before the government in shifting to a new location from Shillong’s Punjabi Lane.

Briefing mediapersons, KSU president Lambok Marngar also warned the state government to not entertain such demands.

The residents of Shillong’s Punjabi Lane and the Meghalaya government’s High Level Committee (HPC) have come to an understanding and have agreed to relocate.

Sending a message to the HPC, Marngar said they should understand that the government has made arrangements and they should relocate to the designated place.

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“They should not try to show such powers and make such demands. If they try to continue to do so, there will come a time where we will be compelled to any kind of actions. As long as we are being kind and lenient, they should learn to stay grounded,” warned Marngar.

The KSU also felt that for illegal settlers, they should be immediately evicted. 

KSU general secretary Donald Thabah also warned that if such demands are entertained, all hell will break loose.

“The government shouldn’t succumb to such demands and if they do, all hell will break loose. The KSU will oppose the move and not only the KSU but the local indigenous people will come out and oppose. There will be mayhem in the state,” said Thabah.

The KSU general secretary also emphasized on the plight of the people in Shillong city… that most tenants are living in a congested area. “People with their own land also don’t have the kind of plot that the HPC is demanding which is around 2,000 square feet per family. This is unacceptable.” 

“The demands of the HPC is a mockery to the government,” stated Thabah, adding, “Had the HPC been staying in Punjab, they would have been evicted long back. The people and the government in Meghalaya are very lenient,” said Thabah.

About those government employees living in Punjabi Lane, the KSU said those employees should comply with what the government has arranged for them. 

Thabah stated that the HPC is pretending like a Khun Khatduh (youngest daughter of the family who inherits the ancestral property).

On groups and organisations from other parts of the country getting involved in the Punjabi Lane issue, the KSU said if they are so concerned then they should take the HPC members back to their state and give them what they are demanding. “Do that outside of Meghalaya,” the KSU said.

“If the HPC is making such demands, then even Meghalaya government employees at Secretariat can come out and make such demands,” stated Thabah.

Asked if the government is really keen to resolve this long-pending issue, Thabah said that this issue is a ticking time bomb. He reiterated that they will wait and watch what the government decides, and will put their action into plan accordingly.

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