Golden Jubilee of Chakma Autonomous District Council

Aizawl: An emblem to commemorate the occasion of Golden Jubilee of Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC) was unveiled on Monday in a programme organized by Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee at the council’s conference hall in Kamalanagar in south Mizoram’s Lawngtlai district.

The CADC will complete 50 glorious years on April 29.

The council’s Chief Executive Member (CEM), Rasik Mohan Chakma, graced the event as chief guest, while council chairman Buddhalila Chakma was the guest of honour.

The emblem was designed with 50 written in Chakma script with a torch bearing man running, clad in dhoti, enclosed by the digit five while the zero housed the CADC emblem. 

The number 50 has been traced with the tri-colours of the CADC flag. 

The running man symbolizes progress and the torch held by the man symbolizes wisdom. 

The CEM announced in the programme that the emblem will be used in all official correspondences throughout the Golden Jubilee year to mark the momentous occasion. 

He asserted that the autonomy being enjoyed due to the existence of Chakma Autonomous District Council is not something endowed upon the Chakmas out of favour and said that it is just restoration of our right which have been taken away by the British. 

“The CADC is a recognition by the Constitution of India that we were once a proud self-governing race with unique system of administration headed by a king who administered through his council of Ministers and bureaucrats – Dewan, Talukdar and so on,” the CEM said.

He also appreciated and expressed gratitude to the pioneers of CADC who had the political awareness and farsightedness as far back as 1950 to persist with their demand for right to self-determination.

“This moment is not only of joy and celebration but also an opportunity to ponder and asses if we had made the progress we should have in 50 years,” he added.  

Executive members, MDCs, head of departments of CADC also attended the programme. 

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