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New Delhi: As several states have decided to end the mask mandate amid the declining COVID-19 cases, 90 per cent Indians believe that most people either do not have a mask or are not wearing it properly, a survey has found.

The survey was conducted by LocalCircles, a social media platform that raises people’s voices.

According to LocalCircles, the survey received more than 30,000 responses from people residing in 349 districts of India.

The respondents were asked questions to understand “where things stand currently in regards to masking compliance as states remove the mask mandate”.

As per the survey, 57 per cent of the respondents said that most of the people in their areas have a mask but don’t wear it properly, while 22 per cent said that most have a mask but don’t wear it at all.

As many as 11 per cent of the participants said, Most don’t even have a mask with them now. Only 7 per cent respondents said that most have a mask and wear it properly, while 3 per cent did not have an opinion, the survey found.

Around 68 per cent of the respondents were men while 32 per cent were women, it said, adding that 48 per cent of the respondents were from tier 1, 31 per cent from tier 2 and 21 per cent from tier 3, 4 and rural districts.

Also, of those who are wearing masks, 66.67 per cent are wearing a cloth mask which provides limited protection from the viral infection, the survey showed.

Several states, including Delhi, Haryana, Telangana and Maharashtra, have lifted COVID-19 restrictions and made use of face masks optional in public places in view of the decline in COVID-19 cases across the country.

As per the survey, the compliance is very low already and such mandates issued by some state governments could lead to masking becoming an exception rather than the norm.

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