If only traveling in costly or VIP cars accompanied by large convoys is considered a sign of status among politicians, a Mizoram politician – one of the top leaders in Chief Minister Zoramthanga’s government – is a far cry from this for his choice of transport is the humble motorbike.

Lalrinawma, the deputy speaker of Mizoram, chooses this trustworthy motorbike over expensive VIP cars.

Except for important occasions (official functions) or attending his office, Lalrinawma hardly sits in his VVIP car.

The Mizo National Front (MNF) legislator from Tuikum assembly constituency in Serchhip district was visiting his friend after a church service on Sunday. Like in the past, he rode his trusted bike to not only have easy passage but also show that he is just an average man. His simplicity and humility has won him accolades from netizens. 

One netizen said the deputy speaker did not change even after becoming an MLA and remained the same. “He is kind and humble, and never boasts about his position. He never ill treats or underestimates others. He is just a true leader,” another netizen said.

Another netizen said the deputy speaker is impartial, who did not discriminate against his people on party lines.

In 2019, soon after he was appointed the deputy speaker, the MNF leader was spotted riding a bike in Aizawl’s streets. 

“Most of the time I use my bike to visit marketplaces, friends, relatives and to attend funerals. I am used to riding a bike as it is more time saving because I can avoid traffic snarls. VVIP cars are only for important occasions,” the 48-year-old leader said.

According to him, all human – rich or poor, young or old, good or bad – are similar and no one should be looked down upon. “In Mizo society, there is no biggest or smallest person. We are all equal. When it comes to governance, politicians or ministers may lead but we are under the administration of the church and NGO leaders within our respective church and neighbourhood,” he said.

The deputy speaker also shared that he did not like to be called ‘sir.’

Lalrinawma strongly believes in the principle of ‘Tlawmngaina,’ a Mizo ethic of selfless service or serving others, and does not skip community services that comes his way.

During his tour to his constituency in 2019, the leader was seen clearing a log that blocked the road. A picture of him pushing a maxicab, which got stuck in the middle of the road while travelling to the southern part of the state, was doing the rounds on social media in 2019.

Mizoram Legislative Assembly deputy speaker Lalrinawma getting his hands dirty to join others in pushing the SUV that was stuck in a drain in Lunglei district Credit: Facebook

“A leader should lead and come to the forefront to do any job when it comes to Tlawmngaina or social service,” he said.

Recently, the deputy speaker was seen entering the middle of a forest to survey a diversion road to Chhingchhip village in his constituency. 

Lalrinawma, who graduated as a mechanical engineer from a reputed college, said that he used to take part in the survey to accompany officials and local leaders and also to ensure that roads are constructed in the right manner. 

The leader has a good knowledge about road construction as he used to do contract works before being elected to the state legislature. 

He said he gives priority to education, infrastructure development, especially agricultural link roads, as the people of Mizoram, especially in his constituency, are highly dependent on agriculture.

Known as one of the most active MLAs in the present government, Lalrinawma used to visit his constituency every week. He was elected from Tuikum seat for the second consecutive term in the last assembly polls held in December 2018 and is hoping for a hat-trick in 2023.  

Lalrinawma originally hails from Baktawng, a village in Serchhip district well known for housing Chana or Ziona Pawl, which is believed to be the world’s largest family consisting of nearly 200 members.

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