Border clashes: Assam Police summons Mizoram MP K Vanlalvena
Mizoram MP K Vanlalvena

Venkaiah Naidu, the Vice President of India and Rajya Sabha Chairman, appeared to ‘mock’ Mizoram Rajya Sabha member K Vanlalvena during the latter’s speech, asking him if he was speaking in Mizo when Vanlalvena was clearly speaking in English.

During his speech on March 29, Mizoram Rajya Sabha member K. Vanlalvena urged the Centre to extend the National Waterway-6, a 121 km long stretch of Barak river in Assam, by another 100 km up to the Manipur-Mizoram border. The 121 km long National Waterway-6 is a waterway between Lakhipur in Assam’s Cachar district and Bhanga on the Assam-Bangladesh border, which passes through the Barak river.

However, in a clip that has since gone viral, Naidu asks: “You speaking in Mizo?” indicating that he was seemingly unable to understand what Vanlalvena is saying, even though it is clear that he is speaking in English. After this, the Speaker said he was unable to hear, and Vanlalvena let out a short laugh. He continued with his speech after that.

Vanlavena’s speech begins around 8:50 mark and Naidu can be seen asking “You speaking in Mizo” around the 9:10 mark in the above video.

Netizens were quick to point this out, with some saying that Naidu had ‘humiliated’ Vanlalvena over his accent.

Others pointed out that Vanlalvena’s accent was clear and easy to understand.

But Vanlalvena refused to make too much of the matter.

In a Facebook comment on a post about his speech in the Mizoram Special Report (FB) group, one of the biggest Mizo Facebook groups, the MP said, “The chairman was joking with me because I had earlier (in a joke) told the chairman that I would from now delivered a speech in Mizo,” Vanlalvena told EastMojo.

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