The Ministry of Defence has rejected National Award-winning filmmaker Onir’s latest script, “We are,” a film based on a gay soldier in the Indian Army.

The All-India Queer Association (AIQA) tweeted a statement showing solidarity with the filmmaker on Retired Major J Suresh on Sunday which Onir retweeted. Here’s what the statement says.

Originally tweeted by All-India Queer Association (AIQA) (@aiqalgbtqia) on January 23, 2022.

Onir claims the script has been inspired by the real-life of Army Major J Suresh. “First openly gay & proud ex-Indian military officer. Gay service personnel have a right to equality & life of dignity. Gay rights matter. Be yourself,” reads the Army Major’s bio on Instagram.

On his script being rejected by the ministry, Onir says sexuality cannot be the reason to deny any individual the right to serve one’s country. How does being a heterosexual entitle you more? He asked his followers on Twitter.

“75 years of independence, more than three years since the Supreme Court of india had decriminalised homosexuality but as a society we are a long way from being treated as equals . While 56 countries across the world accepts #lgbtqi in the army ,it is still illegal the indian army,” the film maker wrote in a tweet.

“I have utmost respect and love for my army and wish they would not discriminate anyone who wants to serve the country because of their sexuality,” wrote Onir in another tweet.

Here’s how netizens are reacting to the filmmaker’s script being rejected:

While some believe the decision is against basic liberty, others find the decision to be Homophobic saying that the Indian Army rejects the Voice of Queer persons.

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