Health researchers confirmed identifying a new strain of COVID-19 virus which combines at least 10 mutations of the Delta and Omicron variants.

The new strain has been dubbed as ‘Deltacron’ which was detected in patients hospitalized for COVID-19. The researchers at the University of Cyprus informed that the new strain has Omicron-like genetic signatures within delta genomes.

Professor Leondios Kostrikis, head of Laboratory of Biotechnology and Molecular Virology, University of Cyprus told Bloomberg that his team discovered 25 instances of the virus but called it too early to understand its impact.

Soon after the news of ‘Deltacron’ broke out on Saturday, Cyprus Minister of Health Michalis Hadjipandelas assured all that the new variant was “not something to worry about at the moment”, further lauding the team of Prof. Kostrikis for their groundbreaking research and findings.

The samples of the new strain have currently been sent to GISAID, a German-based international database that tracks COVID-19-related developments.

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