Shillong: Members of Meghalaya Pradesh Youth Congress (MPYC) on Saturday came out in large numbers to show their support to the party and also to state that the recent mass resignation of members from the Youth Congress was not the end of the party.

A recent mass resignation of around 400 members from the MPYC has compelled the remaining members to come forward and clarify that there were still several members working with the party. The same is the case with the state NSUI.

At a press conference held at Congress Bhawan in Shillong city, Indian Youth Congress’ Banphira Basaiawmoit and former NSUI general secretary Arkin Warjri led the briefing.

Warjri said he did not want to talk about any individual but only wanted to say that the claims about all NSUI members having resigned was not true.

“We are still alive and still here, and still working very hard. We will come up harder and move forward with all members of NSUI. Regarding the dissolving of the NSUI, it’s okay. We will bring some new names and and submit it to the national president…,” said Warjri, adding that “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”.

Basaiawmoit said over the past few weeks the people of the state have been witnessing members leaving the party in “totally un-democratic way”, and they as a party see this as an attempt to deviate the attention of the people of Meghalaya from the real issues.

He added that elections of the Youth Congress are in the process and will be completed by December 12. He also claimed that more than 20,000 youths have already enrolled.

Basaiawmoit also urged the general public, especially the youths, to not be swayed by these dramatic exits and resignations. The Youth Congress has vouched to work on issues that needs to be highlighted like unemployment, economic state of affairs, to name a few, he said.

Earlier, general secretary Fernandez Dkhar, along with president Richard Marak had resigned. Dkhar led a group of almost 400 members to the Congress Bhavan to submit their resignation. Dkhar alleged that when they announced the enrollment drive in October, they were informed about it at the 11th hour. 

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