Advised to keep quiet if I wanted President's post: Meghalaya Guv Satya Pal Malik
Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik

#SackSatyapalMalik became the top trend on Twitter following the Meghalaya governor’s controversial remarks, which suggested that had Prime Minister Narendra Modi not withdrawn the controversial farm bills, he may have suffered the same fate as Indira Gandhi.

The trend follows a controversial statement made by Malik during the Global Jatt Summit. During the Summit, Malik said, “You cannot defeat the Sikhs. The four children of their Guru were killed, but the Guru did not surrender. You cannot defeat the Jats as well.

“If you think that the farmer protestors will go back on their own, then, you are wrong. Give them something (accept their demands) and get them going. But don’t do two things. First, do not use force against them. Second, do not send them home empty-handed. Because they (Sikhs) do not forget easily, not even after 300 years.

“Indira Gandhi knew that she would be killed, and she was killed. They killed General Vaidya in Pune and General Dwyer in London. I have even said that don’t test the patience of the Sikh community,” he added.

Interestingly, this was recorded on November 8 but did not start trending until today after right-wing Twitter handles started sharing this video, alleging that he was calling for the PM to be assassinated. Soon, several others too joined in. Within a few mins, #SackSatyapalMalik became the top trend on Twitter. Others alleged he was encouraging military rebellion.

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