Chhath Puja Recipes
Chhath Puja is a four-day-long festival where the Sun god and his sister Chhathi Maiya are worshipped

Chhath Puja is a festival celebrated by Hindus predominantly from the states of Bihar and Jharkhand apart from Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, parts of UP and other states. It is a four-day-long festival where the Sun god and his sister Chhathi Maiya are worshipped. It is believed that Sun is the god of energy and worshipping him brings prosperity and happiness for the family.

Like all festivals in India, there is a special focus on eating delicious food during Chhath Puja. There are specific Chhath Puja recipes prepared during Chhath Puja to be given as an offering to the Sun god and to be consumed by the family.

Here is a list of six recipes that you can make for Chhath Puja 2021:

· Thekua

The sweet is considered a staple for Chhath Puja. Also called khajuria or thikari, the sweet dish is prepared with wheat flour, dry fruits and coconut. It is then deep fried in ghee which gives it a rich aroma.

· Pumpkin/Bottle Gourd dish

Pumpkin or kaddoo/Bottle gourd or lauki is an essential part of Chhath food. Kaddoo/Lauki ki sabzi is cooked in ghee and sendha namak (rock salt) is used in its preparation. The dish is best paired with poori which is also cooked in this festive period.

· Rasiyaw

Like thekua, this is also a sweet dish. It is similar to kheer in preparation but instead of sugar, jaggery is used to sweeten the dish. It is first offered to the Sun God and then taken for consumption by the family.

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· Hara Chana

Without hara chana, the festival of Chhath is incomplete. The dried green chick peas are soaked overnight and then prepared by adding cumin seeds and chillies to it. Hara chana can be consumed with poori and kaddoo ki sabzi.

· Laal Saag

A dish prepared from the leaves of laal saag, it is spicy and is used as a side dish, complementing the pumpkin dish. Addition of dried red chillies and ginger give it a strong flavour. The dish can be served with parathas or flat Indian bread, chapatis.

· Kasar

The ingredients used in the preparation of this sweet dish are rice flour, sugar, dry fruits, coconut and ghee. Rice flour is roasted and kept aside and then dry fruits, coconut and ghee are mixed together. Rice flour is then mixed with ghee and addition of other ingredients is done to prepare laddoos.

Although there are many other foods you can cook for the Chhath Puja food fiesta, these six are vital Chhath Puja recipes that must be included in your dinner or prasad.

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