Dhanteras or Dhanatrayodashi marks the beginning of Diwali celebrations. The occasion calls for purchase of precious metals such as gold and silver in the form of jewellery and utensils. This year, Dhanteras falls on Tuesday, November 2.

On Dhanteras, people light earthen lamps while performing the puja in which they place their new purchases next to the idol of the deity. Here are some auspicious items you can buy this Dhanteras to bring home luck and prosperity.

Gold, silver, brass and copper items:

People buy gold coins or silver coins on Dhanteras as it is considered auspicious on this day. Buying gold or silver jewellery or silverware or utensils made of brass also serves the purpose if one can afford it.

Lakshmi Ganesh idols:

People also buy Lakshmi Ganesh idols made of metal or clay and place them in puja for prosperity.


Instead of utensils made from steel or iron, buy utensils made of brass, copper or silver and as per traditional beliefs, fill them with food or water before stepping inside the house with other newly bought items.

People do not buy scissors, knives and pins nor aluminium utensils on Dhanteras as they are linked with Rahu or bad luck.

Invest in business:

Opening of new shops, offices, business or even a new bank account on Dhanteras, is considered to bring good luck.

Apparel, furniture and Real-estate:

Buying new apparel, furniture for your house and investing in property is also considered auspicious on Dhanteras which is why so many of these are sold around this time of the year.


It is believed that the broom removes negativity from the house that welcomes the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. Broom infuses positivity, removes all financial worries related to the home and is assumed to be lucky.

Gomti chakra:

Another auspicious thing to buy on Dhanteras is the sacred and not easily found Gomti Chakra which is a rare sea snail found in the river Gomti.

The Gomti Chakra is believed bring success and protect one from the evil eye. People usually buy 11 Gomti chakras, wrapped in a yellow cloth and keep it in their lockers or use it in Diwali puja. 

Electronics and home appliances:

Been looking to buy a new appliance? Diwali offers make it the right time to hit the store for a new phone, a laptop, a music player, television, microwave, refrigerator and other electronic items.

Home appliances are also considered auspicious on Dhanteras. However, it is said that these must be kept keep in the North-East direction inside your house.

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