Air Force Day is celebrated annually to commemorate efforts of the country’s Air Force and its contribution to India’s defense and over all national security. The military holiday is celebrated on October 8 every year to raise awareness about India’s Air Force and how it strives to strengthen India’s authority.

India’s Air Force is the fourth largest in the world and its motto is Nabha Sparsham deeptham which means ‘touch the sky with glory. The phrase was taken from Bhagavad Gita, comprising discourse given by Lord Krishna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.


Air Force was first established in the year 1932 and was officially founded as a supporting force for the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom. It’s first squadron came into being in 1933 on October 8, which is why the day is observed on this date each year.

Post-independence events

After India won it’s Independence, the day began to be marked with events, parades and flypast at Palam in New Delhi. For the last 15 years, events were shifted to Hindon Air Base due to increasing traffic issues.

The aircraft that will be flying at low levels are Wazirpur bridge -Karwalnagar – Afjalpur -Hindan, Shamli – Jiwana – Chandinagar – Hindan, Hapur – Philkua – Ghaziabad – Hindan, according to the MoD release.

A parade is held by pilots, followed by an investiture ceremony where medals and pinned to uniforms of recipients by Chief of Air Staff. This year, the Air Force conducted a Full Dress Rehearsal of the Air Force Day celebrations. Ahead of the annual Air Force Day 2021 event, the IAF took to Twitter sharing visuals of of the rehearsal.  

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