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Kohima: The Working Committee (WC) of the Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) said it was ‘deeply disturbed by the unfounded allegation’ made by the Indian intelligence agencies that the NSCN groups are procuring arms from Myanmar.

“Indian agencies have a habit of cooking up stories to destabilise the Indo-Naga peace process. This could be one reason,” the WC NNPGs said in a press release. The NNPGs said the Naga populace in Myanmar is undergoing untold misery at the hands of the Myanmar Junta.

“Thousands of Naga people have fled their homes, pouring into the Indian side of Naga homeland. WC will not seek anyone’s permission when our brothers and sisters are facing an acute humanitarian crisis,” it said, further adding that they continue to assist people with first aid, food, clothing and shelter.

Saying that it will not allow its brothers and sisters in Burma to die of hunger and disease, the WC said that even if the Indian military agencies “invent stories as they wish,” the groups will continue to offer assistance.

Through the release, the WC said that it was seriously viewing the activities of the security forces who have been conducting multiple raids on the residences of senior Naga National workers affiliated to various political groups within the NNPGs.

It pointed out that raids on self-styled Lieutenant colonel Ngukato (NSCN/GPRN-Khango/Isak) have been conducted four times within a fortnight. Likewise, it said that pre-dawn raids were made on the residence of Khekato Kilonser (NSCN-R) four times in September alone.

“Similar raids are happening each day with no rhyme or reason. Ceasefire mechanism is in place, and at a critical time such as the present time in the Naga history, security forces must respect and understand the ‘Agreed Position’ between the GoI and the Naga people,” it said.

The WC NNPGs also said that the security forces must not “run amok at this hour” and make a mockery of the political negotiations and the possible solution. It also said the chairman of the Ceasefire Monitoring Group (CFMG) must disseminate the status of the political talks to the military commanders to ensure that the military strategists on the ground are on the same page as the Prime Minister and Home Minister on the Indo-Naga issue.

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