Shillong: Former Meghalaya home minister RG Lyngdoh has launched a frontal attack on the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) government by terming it “more talk than action”.

“Their governance is more on social media than on the ground, which is sad,” said Lyngdoh, adding that it has dashed all the expectations of the people and gave the government “3.5 out of 10 in the way it has governed the state”.

The Congress leader refused to agree that there is lawlessness in the whole city of Shillong but said some pockets were definitely a problem. “People are starting to take law into their own hands. That is setting a bad precedence. If you allow that (lawlessness) then where do you draw the line?,” he said.

On the recent incident of masked miscreants reportedly brandishing guns, Lyngdoh said the incident was scary. He said he was scared of the kind of picture it would paint to the outside world and how others would perceive the state.

Concerning people protesting and chanting “Long Live HNLC”, as seen on August 15 when Cherishterfield Thangkhiew was laid to rest, Lyngdoh felt that it was just an emotional outburst. He said that if you look at the recent rally, they did not have the numbers seen on the day of the funeral. He, however, felt that it can’t be taken lightly and “the frustrations of the youth, especially of that area, has to be addressed”. 

“That was a symptom of the problem and not the problem. We have to find out what is the problem and address it,” he added.
“I don’t blame the people because that was more of an emotional reaction than a rational one. But we have to learn how to be rational especially in today’s world where social media has made the world so small; we have to be careful how we react because it can be misinterpreted in certain quarters,” he said.

Commenting on home minister Lahkmen Rymbui’s decision to offer his resignation, Lyngdoh said there should be the courage of conviction in whatever you do. “If you’re convinced that what was done was wrong and because of that you submit your resignation then you have to follow through. But if you are convinced that what was done was right, then you shouldn’t bow down to pressure to resign,” he said.

Recalling how during his tenure the situation was different, Lyngdoh said back then HNLC was socially accepted. “People were taking a lot of help from the HNLC and that made things difficult. At that time social media wasn’t as active and most HNLC members were school dropouts,” the former home minister said.

Asked if the chief minister is doing well as his father (late PA Sangma), Lyngdoh quipped “a lion king is the lion king and lion cubs are lion cubs”. 

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