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Shillong: After a 13 year hiatus, former Meghalaya Home Minister and Congress leader RG Lyngdoh has decided to make a comeback in politics.

Known for his exemplary way of dealing with law and order and also his courage in handling militancy during his tenure as the state home minister, Lyngdoh said it was after “a lot of pressure from senior and young ones” that he decided to re-join politics.

Speaking with a group of media persons on Wednesday, Lyngdoh said, “Seeing the prevailing situation on all fronts, a lot of people were apprehensive about the future. So they came and talked with me; they all had the same frustrations.”

The Congress leader also said that another person who is instrumental in his comeback is the newly-elected state Congress president Vincent Pala. He said Pala had stretched out his hands and asked him to come back and that was “the final push”.

Asked how he sees the Congress of yesteryears and now, and if there is a chance for the party to win the 2023 elections, Lyngdoh said he was hopeful and that he has decided to lend his hand in every way possible.

“The difference now is that the current party president is a team player. He (Pala) likes to consult and bring people into the loop, which is a good trend. Maybe that was missing in the past and that can do the trick,” said Lyngdoh.

Stressing that he believed in working as a team, Lyngdoh said, “We have to know what people from different walks of life are aspiring for. We have to be able to listen and reflect this in our manifesto. The idea is to make the party relevant. People have to see a future by investing their votes in the party. We have to be able to project that.”

Asked why did he not think about making a comeback as an Independent, he said it is difficult in a democracy to really deliver. “One needs a lobby and backing to get things done. I had talked with regional parties but I find they are living more in the past. I doubt their capability to deliver and I am more comfortable with the Congress,” said Lyngdoh.

He emphasised that he is “not looking for power or glory” but to “get into a team that will be able to deliver according to what the people need”.

As for not opting for National People’s Party (NPP), he said “because it was leading the state in the wrong direction”. Regarding the BJP, he said that he suspects their ideology.

“I don’t believe in a uniform country. After all our country is unity in diversity and that diversity is what makes our country strong and beautiful. Now to remove that diversity and have only one people… that would kill the spirit of India,” Lyngdoh said.

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