Kohima:  On the eve of the 75th Indian Independence Day, when Nagas across the globe are celebrating the 75th Naga Independence Day, Nagaland governor RN Ravi said “Nagaland has been and shall ever remain an integral part of India”.

Ravi, who is also the interlocutor for Naga peace talks, made the statement as part of his message to the people of Nagaland on the occasion of the Indian Independence day. He recalled how the British, during the colonial era, with the divide and rule policy mischievously created “false narrative of perpetual conflict and warfare between the people of Naga Hills and Plains”.

He said that the British made attempts for the brave peace-loving Nagas to believe that their ancestors were “uncivilised savages” and that their traditional “war rituals of decapitation were disparagingly termed head-hunting”.

“Independence of India is the outcome of blood, sweat and sacrifices of millions of Indians who resisted the British rule and paid their ultimate sacrifice while doing so,” he said further adding that Nagas made “glorious contributions” and that Naga leaders played significant roles in the “constitutional evolution of India”.

As he paid homage to all martyrs and heroes of Nagaland who gave their utmost for the cause of India’s freedom, he expressed dismay that besides few people like Rani Gaidinliu, the others are largely nameless.

“Their names and glories shall be pulled out of the forgotten pages of history and suitably installed to honour them and commemorate their immense sacrifices for the posterity to remember them with pride and also to appreciate the value of hard earned freedom,” the governor said.

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