Even as Mizoram residents battle an unjust economic blockade, Mizoram farmers have taken up the mantle to support each other, and continue to share their produce with others despite the pandemic.  

Farmers from various parts of the state are sending truckloads of their fresh vegetable produces to different localities of Aizawl, which is being received by the Local Level Task Forces (LLTF) and later being distributed among every household for free.

Official sources in Mizoram said that no vehicle has entered the state from Assam since the clash at the border despite the neighbouring state’s assertion that the “economic blockade” staged by several groups on National Highway 306 has been lifted.

Apart from that, Mizoram has been in a state of lockdown since April 20 this year. Since May 10, total lockdown has been imposed throughout the state and daily wage earners are unable to work in Aizawl, financial constraints are faced by many families.

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