English broadcaster and natural historian Sir David Attenborough sent a handwritten letter in response to a 4-year-old boy’s rather profound, existential question, and the internet is loving it.

Gerry Holt took to Twitter to narrate the course of events. Her son, Otis, wrote to the historian asking if humans would be extinct one day like the dinosaurs, and what he can do to save the planet?

To this, Attenborough gave a heartfelt response: “The answer is that we need not do so as long as we look after our planet properly.”

Holt, a communications officer for medical research at Cardiff University wrote, “Sir David is 94. He is a wonder

According to a report in the BBC, Otis was stunned to get a reply from the legend, and the response has increased his interest in nature even more.

Though the child is only just learning and exploring the impacts of climate change, the veteran historian’s gesture has impressed netizens.

Here is how they are reacting:

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