In a heartwarming video, a lion cub was rescued by forest staff and field researchers in Gujarat after it got caught in the net.

The 2.08-minute clip, tweeted by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Ramesh Pandey, features a lion cub entangled in the net as the forest officials attempt to release it. Using their bare hands and sticks, the field staff manage to catch hold of the cub and are finally able to set it free.

According to the post, the forest guards in Rajula, Greater Gir, rushed to the spot when they heard a roar and found a lion cub trapped in the net. The lioness was sitting nearby along with the other cubs. “To avoid strangulation of cub they put their lives at risk and freed the cub. Salute to our green guards,” Pandey wrote while sharing the clip.

Watch the video here:

Viewed over 8,000 times, the viral clip has been flooded with netizens commending the forest officials for helping the trapped lion cub.

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