Shashi Tharoor's perfect English vocabulary has amazed many

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s English vocabulary is something to marvel at. His ‘exasperated farrago’ of incomprehensible words and perfect accent has bewildered us time and again.

His love and mastery of English are admired not only in India but in our neighbouring country too. In a recent viral video, a Pakistani comedian was seen speaking English with the Tharoorian perfection, which even impressed Tharoor.

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In the video, comedian Akbar Chaudry puts an Oxford dictionary in a blender and makes a smoothie out of it, then proceeds to inject his veins with Tharoor’s interviews and a dictionary and then finally he crushes a dictionary and snorts all of it up. After all of this is done, he is able to speak the perfect Tharoorian English.

Take a look at the hilarious video:

The video has been shared more than a thousand times in the past few days and has left the Internet laughing it out loud. Even Shashi Tharoor, himself, was impressed by the creative mind behind the video and asked Chuadry to make a video on Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan next.

Netizens were left on the floor laughing at the hilariousness and the concoction of Tharoorian English in the video:

‘Tharoorosaurus’ seems to be the only solution to all the complex words that Tharoor has thrown at us for the past few years now. The book, released in September, has all the complex words listed in it.

The book, published by Penguin Random House India, has 53 words: one for each letter of the alphabet. The book’s description reads, “Shashi Tharoor is the wizard of words. In Tharoorosaurus, he shares fifty-three examples from his vocabulary: unusual words from every letter of the alphabet. You don’t have to be a linguaphile to enjoy the fun facts and interesting anecdotes behind the words! Be ready to impress-and say goodbye to your hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia!”

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