Ever seen a 60-inch TV and said, “Naah, too small for me?” Worry not. A TV straight out of the Transformers is here to help. Provided you have deep pockets. Like real, deep pockets.

Austrian company C Seed has just brought a monstrosity to life with their latest 7ft-high 165-inch foldable 4K MicroLED TV called the C-Seed M1.

The TV is aimed at the elite class (because who else can afford a $400,000 TV?) to fit their decor as it emerges out of the floor and unfolds its four panels to make up a humongous 4K HDR display.

The company has implemented Adaptive Gap Calibration Technology which aims to create a seamless effect, making the multi-sectional design resemble one giant 165-inch TV.

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People familiar with C-Seed know that the Austrian company specialises in luxurious indoor and outdoor TVs, many of which are the size of a small bus. The M1 is the firm’s latest masterpiece and will be available in black, gold, silver and ‘Titan’ grey from July 2021 for about $400,000 or Rs 2,94,38,560.

Even if we eliminate the price of the TV, buying one might be easy, but burying a 1,500kg TV under the floor of your house might be the hard part.

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