Dinbandhu babu is known to rescue animals and then take care of them till they are healed back to health Credit: Twitter/ @ParveenKaswan

A heartwarming video of an injured owl nursed back to health by a volunteer left netizens emotional.

Indian Forest Officer Parveen Kaswan shared the 1.33-minute clip and captioned, “This short video will bring smiles to your faces.”

According to Kaswan’s video, the volunteer was a man named Dinbandhu Babu, who often rescues animals and takes care of them until they recover. In the viral clip, Dinbandhu Babu is seen helping an unwell and injured owl and helping it heal and recover.

Dinbandhu is a government teacher by profession who devotes his time taking care of animals and birds. Kaswan tweeted, “From civet cats to birds and from turtles to all kinds of snakes, he rescues them and looks after them.”

The video ends with the healed owl being freed back into the forest in good health.

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