From Bollywood references to using ‘Dude with the Sign’, netizens are sharing memes to aptly describe the embarrassing situation Credit: Twitter image (@CutestFunniest)

Shweta is currently the top trend on Twitter. In case you are wondering who is Shweta or why she is going viral, a leaked Zoom call of an online class, where a girl named Shweta forgot to mute her mic, will answer all your questions.

This is one gaffe that all of us have committed in the course of last year, but it was her private discussion with a friend that went public and got people’s attention online.

In the video going viral, the girl continues to share some private details of a boy who had asked her to keep it a secret.

Her fellow students tried to warn Shweta that her mic is on, but in vain.

The video of the zoom call went viral across social media platforms from YouTube to Instagram and in no time, social media was flooded with memes and the #Shweta meme became one of the top trends on Twitter in India.

Check out some of the hilarious #Shweta memes below:

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