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Kohima: It is not uncommon to see musicians make grand claims about their music and what their latest release is all about.

Which is why Naga musician Bozio Nienu’s views on his latest song feel so refreshing and different.

In his latest music video titled “L I G H T H O U S E” released on Sunday, Nienu invites listeners to a “happy place”. The 4:31 minute music video is Nienu’s latest music video released on YouTube which has garnered over 5k views online so far.

Speaking with EastMojo, Nienu says the newly-released song “talks about a happy place which brings peace and calm”.

“I am inviting a friend to come with me to my happy place where we’ll build a new story that will replace all the hurt from yesterday. I want to provoke the listeners to find their happy place as they listen and feel the music,” he adds.

Nienu recalled that the songwriting process began last year before the lockdown, and it took around 11 months to complete the whole process, after eight months of delay.

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He revealed that the video had to be shot twice as the first shot did “not bring out the concept and idea” that the team wanted to portray. “So, the entire video project was scrapped and restarted which took even longer,” he added.

For Nienu, the pandemic “really doused some fire” in him. “The rightful restrictions on social gatherings meant there was no events or gigs which is unfortunate not just for the money we earn but also for the thrill we get from playing live music,” he added.

Nienu further revealed that he plans to pursue further studies in music. “Of course there is always going to be new music. I don’t know how long it will take because the challenges are unpredictable as I’ve experienced on this one. But the excitement of releasing new music always overshadows the challenges faced,” he added.

Watch the video here:

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