The incident was first reported from a village near Talap in Tinsukia on January 18 Credit: EastMojo image

Twenty vultures, including the critically-endangered White Rumped species, died of poisoining in Assam’s Tinsukia district.

Ten birds are under treatment. This is the second such case in a span of three weeks, officials said on Tuesday.

A Rehman, Divisional Forest Officer, Doomdooma said the incident happened in Gormari in Sadiya area of Tinsukia district on Sunday when the birds fed on a carcass of a cow in a paddy field.

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“It is likely that the carcass had been poisoned by the villagers,” said Rehman. He added that an FIR has been registered and they are investigating the identity of the villager who poisoned the carcass.

Khanin Changmai, a veterinarian with Wildlife Trust of India told EastMojo that 20 dead birds include seven critically-endangered White Rumped vultures and 13 Himalayan Griffons.

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Ten vultures, including two critically-endangered Slender Billed Vultures and eight Himalayan Griffons, are being treated at the WTI facility in Guijan in Tinsukia after they were rescued on Sunday.

On January 18 and 19, as many as 36 vultures including Slender Billed and White Rumped were found dead in Tinsukia. Officials had then said that it was likely that the birds fed on a carcass of a cow poisoned by the villagers.

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