We visited Kori's Dining in Guwahati, the first restaurant in the city that serves authentic Korean food Credit: EastMojo image

Korean culture has become quite popular amongst Indian audiences.

We’re not just talking about K pop music, Korean dramas, fashion, or gadgets, we’re talking Korean Food today!

For the uninitiated, Korean food resembles Japanese and Chinese cuisines due to the location of the country. Due to Korean peninsula being located between the Chinese mainland and the islands of Japan, it is not uncommon to find such similarities in their cultural characteristics.

We tried the delicious Korean Gimbap/ Kimbap, which is prepared with sticky rice and veggies, rolled in seaweed. It may look like the more famous Japanese Sushi but is actually very different. Many other such dishes from various provinces of Korea have today become global favourites.

We at EastMojo visited Kori’s Dining in Guwahati, the first restaurant in the city, that serves authentic Korean food and tried a variety of Korean dishes like the Chicken Sausage Kimbap, Tofu Jorim, Pajeon and Japchae to name a few.

Watch this video to learn how to prepare the Korean Kimbap and more about this beautiful oriental cafe in the heart of the city:

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