State Congress president Ripun Bora during a press conference Credit: File image

On the side lines of a press conference, Assam Congress Chief Ripun Bora spoke to reporters about the electoral alliances and how the regional parties coming together will not affect Congress-led alliance’s prospects.

The Congress also tried to reach out to them. How do you see this alliance of Assam Jatiya Parishad and Raijor Dal?

They have every right as it is a democratic country. Every political party has every right to think about their line of action… Congress party’s appeal is that all these political parties, whether it is the partners of Mahajot (Congress-led alliance), or Raijor Dal, or the Jatiya Parishad, we all have a common aim, that our enemy number one is BJP. Our main common aim is to oust BJP from Assam. That is why we have appealed all these political parties that since our goal is one, let us come together. We will continue this appeal to all anti- BJP forces till the last moment to unite and fight together.

Is there an understanding that on certain seats Congress will not field candidates and leave it for AJP-RD?

No, I have no such information about this. It might be speculation…

If AJP-RD does not join you, will that affect the prospects of the Congress-led alliance?

No, it will not. Congress has its own base, our own strategy. We have taken all these parties together to give a message that all we are fighting against a common enemy. But, now the people of Assam have taken this decision, they have this mindset to oust the BJP. People have this confidence that it is only Congress who can fight BJP at the national level.

What about alliance talks with the Bodoland People’s Front?

Discussions are already going on with the BPF, and we have even appealed to them.

Is there a positive signal from their side?

We are getting it, of course, everything is going on smoothly. I have already told everything is going on in a positive direction. But beyond this, I cannot divulge anything.

Will there be one manifesto of the Congress-led alliance?

Congress Party will have a separate manifesto.

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