Oblivious of what's going on, Wai is seen making small punching moves as cars behind her come to a standstill

As the Myanmar military staged a coup while taking control of the country, it’s the video of an aerobics instructor, oblivious of what is happening behind her, that is going viral from the neighbouring nation.

What inadvertently got posted in the video by Khing Hnin Wai, a physical education teacher in Myanmar, were the alleged first moments of a dramatic military coup that was unfolding in the background of capital Naypyidaw.

In the video, Wai appears to continue her workout as black SUVs drive up to a security checkpoint on the road leading to the Assembly of the Union complex behind her.

Wai, who has a massive following on Facebook, posted the video of herself performing her exercise routine, in which she doesn’t skip a beat as military vehicles appear behind her. Oblivious of what’s going on, Wai is seen making small punching moves as cars behind her come to a standstill.

What the video here:

The video was originally posted by Wai herself at this Facebook link.

Wai posted on Facebook again to say that she has shot many videos at the location before and the video was real. She said that she had been filming dance videos outside the assembly for 11 months.

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The video has gone viral across social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. One user said, “This masked woman in Myanmar livestreaming her workout routine oblivious to the coup taking place right behind her may just prove to be the most emblematic video of the 2020’s.”

Another user said, “Talk about a revolutionary workout.” A third user said, “If 2021 was a video….. Casually doing your exercise video while a coup unfolds behind you.”

On Monday, Myanmar’s military announced it had taken control of the democratically-elected government and declared a one-year state of emergency. Nobel laureate and state counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and other senior leaders of the ruling party were detained in early morning raids as part of the coup.

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