Harlan Hill has also been claiming that former President Donald Trump did win the re-election Credit: Twitter image

Harlan Hill, a Trump campaign advisor who vowed that he would literally eat his shoe if Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election has reportedly changed his tune now.

As per reports, Harlan Hill, who is a political consultant and commentator, made the bold promise at an election night party hosted by former senior White House advisor Steve Bannon. Hill had said that he was so confident that Donald Trump would win the 2020 presidential election and he would publicly eat his own shoe in a live-stream if he was wrong.

However, after Trump’s defeat now, Hill has changed his tune and instead of eating his own shoe, he is echoing to the same kind of bizarre and baseless claims as Donald Trump. In his defence, Harlan Hill has been claiming falsely that former President Donald Trump did win the re-election.

Hill, however, is not new to controversies. In a tweet in October, he referred to now Vice President Kamala Harris as an “insufferable lying b****,” after which he was banned from appearing on the Fox News network, where he was a regular contributor earlier.

A number of companies had also distanced themselves from Hill following his disparagement of Harris, including AT&T, with which he had claimed to have worked.

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