The Nepali group atop K2

For decades, the Nepalese climbing community has helped climbers from around the globe embark upon the highest peaks in the world. The community, on January 16 this year, achieved a historic feat as they made the first winter ascent of mount K2.

Standing at an altitude of 8,611 m, K2 is the second highest peak in the world.

Nirmal Pujra, a former elite British Army soldier of Nepalese origin, who goes by Nimsdai on social media, was part of one of the two Nepali teams that converged a merely 10 metres before reaching the summit.

From there, “No individual agendas, no individual greed but only solidarity and joint force of Team Nepal with a shared vision,” he tweeted.

Huddling, and invigorating each other with the brotherly spirit of Nepal, the group sang the Nepali national anthem, waved the Nepali flag and marked their spot in history.

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Taking to Twitter, Pujra said, “Super proud of all the team members for earning this for Nepal and humanity through hardship, selfless effort, and most importantly UNITY proving that Nothing is Impossible ! We are honoured to be sharing this moment with communities all across the world.”

Stating that anything can be achieved when done unitedly, he added, “Global warming and climate change is one of the biggest challenges the world is facing right now. The human race needs to unite to face era’s most threatening looming crisis. If we unite we can make anything possible !”

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