Imchen landed a spot on Apple Music's list for his original composition “Spare My Heart” Credit: Morung Express

In a first among Naga musicians, sensational pop singer Imcha Imchen has landed a spot in “The100 Best Songs of 2020” Apple Music for his original composition “Spare My Heart”. In its description of the top list, Apple Music had noted that “music of all styles and perspectives brought us closer together at a time when many of us have been forced apart. That’s the story of the year, and these are the songs and sounds that defined it, as chosen by Apple Music’s team of editors.”

On achieving this milestone, Imcha Imchen says, “I feel my hard work and determination is slowly paying off and this is just a start.” Imchen has faced his own share of challenges as a musician and been to a point where he hit his lowest lows as he confesses. However, as somebody who likes to focus more on positive things, he expresses that “every challenge is a learning point for me and I learn everyday as there is no limit to learning.”

Music, he says, has been his purpose and goes on to say that, “I am determined to work even more harder to reach my goal and land a spot in The Grammys and make Nagaland proud.” “I have too many people to thank for, but without the help from my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I am nothing but a fish out of water. I know He has greater plans for me and all I have to do is have faith and work towards it. And He knows my plan A is only music and I believe He can see that”, he further puts across.

Imcha Imchen is a multilingual singer songwriter and music producer from Nagaland. Having explored and developed his passion for music from a very young age, he experimented with covers and originals till he released his debut music video called “Moving On” at the tender age of 18.

His other music videos— “Sinner”, ‘Melody” and “Spare My Heart” soon followed, gaining wide exposure across different mediums and platforms. He later moved to Mumbai, India to pursue his music career after signing with Springboard Records, mentored by “Ashish Manchanda”. Mention may be made here that Ashish Manchanda is a noted Music Producer & Mixing Engineer, Video & Live Concert Producer based in the US & India, and is also the co-founder of Boon Castle Media & Entertainment and Flying Carpet Productions.

Imcha Imchen is majorly influenced by Bruno Mars, Bazzi, Shawn Mendes, Elvis Presley, and Frank Sinatra as “they compose and write beautiful lyrics with catchy melodies and with great stage presence” in his words.

On what’s in the pipeline, the pop singer/song writer elatedly says he is all geared up for “She’s a walking temptation”, his next music release on January 28, 2020. Talking about this, he highlights that “She’s a Walking Temptation” seeks attention from the loved one by showering her with all possessions possible.

This story first appeared on Morung Express

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