So far no major adverse effects have been reported in Meghalaya Credit: Twitter

Shillong: Meghalaya has so far vaccinated 2,874 health workers, the Meghalaya Health Department reported.

“The target we had set up for today was to vaccinate 659, and we achieved 479. So we were able to achieve over 70%,” said Dr Nongbri.

According to Dr Nongbri, out of the 11 districts in Meghalaya the health department witnessed Ri-Bhoi with the lowest turnout. When asked what the reason behind this was, Dr Nongbri said, “The low turnout in Ri-Bhoi may be due to a lack of awareness given to the health workers. We have considered it in our meeting today, and we have advised the team in charge to sort out the issue and find out what is the reason behind it.”

Following is a list of the districts with the target and numbers achieved till date:

East Garo Hills target was 253 and achievement was 150

East Jaintia Hills target was 290 and achievement was 219

East Khasi Hills target was 1044 and achievement was 908

North Garo Hills target was 260 and achievement was 155

Ri-Bhoi Hills target was 449 and achievement was 186

South Garo Hills target was 54 and achievement was 39

South West Garo Hills target was 389 and achievement was 279

South West Khasi Hills target was 250 and achievement was 111

West Garo Hills target was 545 and achievement was 461

West Jaintia Hills target was 333 and achievement was 255

West Khasi Hills target was 268 and achievement was 111

Dr Nongbri urged the health workers to come forward and get themselves vaccinated. “The first victim and death due to COVID-19 in Meghalaya was a doctor so one must understand why the health workers have been given a priority in the first phase,” he added.

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