#JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident has caught the attention of several people and is trending on Twitter in India Credit: EastMojo image

Joe Biden is of course not the president to those who are not living in America. Donald Trump supporters may say that Joe Biden is not their president for reasons known to them. But #JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident is trending on Twitter in India.

The #JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident trend has caught the attention of several people on social media and this is because of a social media user Prayag Tiwari, from India.

Just ahead of his swearing in, Joe Biden had tweeted, “It’s a new day in America.”

To this, Prayag Tiwari replied, “Joe Biden is not my President.” Many in the comments thought he was a Trump supporter. But Tiwari cracked up everyone when he said that Biden is not his president because he is from India.

Tiwari’s response has started a laughter riot on Twitter. Soon, #JoeBidenIsNotMyPreisdent started trending on Twitter. Check what netizens have to say:

One user wrote, “#JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident is trending for wrong reasons thanks to @theprayagtiwari. Nailed it man.”

Another user said, “#JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident My President is Ram Nath Kovind @rashtrapatibhvn who will be unfurling flag on 26th Jan.”

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