Earlier this month, a village rescue team trained by the Maharashtra Forest Department and Wildlife SOS came across a leopard cub lying in a semi-conscious state on the side of the road in Ghulepat village, located in Otur. Estimated to be about 4 months old, the cub must have gotten separated from its mother and had wandered into the village.

Seeing that the leopard needed immediate medical attention, they rushed to the Wildlife SOS Leopard Rescue Centre in Junnar.

Preliminary examination by Wildlife SOS veterinary officer Dr Nikhil Bangar showed that the cub was suffering from an internal infection which required urgent treatment. The leopard showed signs of improvement over the next few days, and a final examination deemed him fit for release.

It is essential for the cubs in the wild to be reared by its mother for the initial few years of its life, to ensure they learn survival skills. Fortunately, Ghulepat village residents had reported that a mother leopard was spotted multiple times in the area. Accordingly, the Wildlife SOS team assisted the Forest Department in releasing the cub back in the same area, so it could successfully reunite with its mother.

Dr. Nikhil Bangar, Wildlife Veterinary Officer, Wildlife SOS, said, “The cub was suffering from an internal infection and was weak and dehydrated. We were administering antibiotics and fluid therapy to ensure a safe recuperation.”

Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-founder and CEO of Wildlife SOS, said, “We thank the Forest Department and the village rescue team for taking quick action. Our veterinary team was closely monitoring his condition and carried out intensive treatment. It is reassuring to see the leopard cub return to its natural habitat, where it can thrive.”

Yogesh Ghodake, Range Forest Officer, Otur, said, “On learning about the leopard cub, we instantly reached out to Wildlife SOS for assistance. Initially the villagers were apprehensive of the cub being released in the area. However, they were more understanding of the situation on realizing that this would further agitate the mother leopard in search of her missing cub.”

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