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There’s nothing as refreshing and relaxing as a cup of tea. At work, our favourite hot drink by a long way and one we look forward to every day. Kadak Chai is mostly in demand; however, we’re also partial to delicate chamomile and most things herbal like lemon, basil, and ginger or anything with little cloves, paired with good old Parle-G biscuit.

Well, if you are a firm believer like us that chai and biscuit go hand-in-hand, we’ve good news for you! A chai cafe in Guwahati is selling tea in edible, eco-friendly, delicious teacups that can be consumed after drinking the tea.

Ranjit Baruah, founder-director Aromica Tea

Aromica Just Tea, at Bipanan Khetro, Juripar, Six Mile, is serving Masala Tea in edible cups made of chocolate and cardamom-flavoured biscuits, priced at Rs 60 for 60 ml and Rs 100 for 110 ml.

With innovative brews such as Bamboo Shoot Tea and Bhoot Jolokia Tea under his brand, Ranjit Baruah, founder-director of Aromica Tea, on the latest launch said, “In our constant effort to promote tea, we came across this interesting product. We sourced few of these edible cups from a manufacturer in South India to see how things work. After several tests, we finally decided to include in our menu. This is the first in North East India. We sold almost 60 cups on the very first day.”

Seleka Saah

The tea cups are made of maize starch, refined flour, soya lecithin, soya flour, vegetables oil and baking powder.

“We’re serving piping hot Tandoori Chai in these flavoured biscuit cups. Moreover with this new addition, we’re trying to reduce plastics and promote eco-friendly, zero-waste measures,” Baruah adds.

With Bihu around the corner, Baruah is also trying to extensively promote one of their signatures – Seleka Saah (Rs 60) – black tea prepared with masalas, served alongside jaggery chips and pitha, and with a phulam gamusa.

Who knew something as simple as a cup of chai could come in such varieties and would sew so many hearts together?

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