Team Aroha came up with a idea of public bicycle sharing and renting service in Guwahati

Cycling is considered one of the best activities to stay healthy. Along with various benefits, it is a green way to commute from one place to other keeping a check on the carbon footprint. However, the biggest challenge is accessibility in cities like Guwahati.

Our dependency on private vehicles is increasing day by day. Seeing this, four students decided to find a solution which culminates technology with an eco-friendly, efficient and healthy mode of transportation.

The result is Aroha Bicycles, a new idea of public bicycle sharing and renting service in Guwahati.

Cycling is considered one of the best activities for keeping oneself healthy

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“Our goal is to make bicycles as a preferred mode of transportation in Guwahati where people can rent bicycles on hourly, weekly and monthly basis with a minimal price,” Aroha Bicycles said in a statement.

“People can rent bicycles from our Uzan Bazar and Ganeshguri station along with door-to-door delivery service. In the upcoming days, we will upgrade our bicycles to smart bicycles with GPS enabled lock system. So that people can rent our bicycle through our app that will be launched soon. Our bicycles will be available in the stations across the city,” the statement added.

We will start our services on 18 January. Initially, people can come to the bicycle station and rent bicycles by sharing their details and ID proof. We will start online booking in a few days,” a company representative added. Also, to ensure ease of maintenance, the company will offer only single-speed hybrid bicycles.

To mark this initiative, Aroha Bicycles successfully organised a launch ride at Dighalipukhuri, Guwahati on Sunday morning.

Team Aroha has successfully organized a launch ride at DigholiPukhuri, Guwahati, Assam on Sunday, 3rd January at 06:00 AM.

Mag Gen Ananta Bhuyan, Additional Director General, NCC Directorate, Northeast Region flagged off the ride along with other designated persons from different fields. More than 100 cyclists along NCC cadet joined the bicycle ride.

More than 100 cyclists along NCC cadet have joined the bicycle ride.

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