Use a Google Assistant-enabled device with a display to also summon this strange dancing object Credit: Google

As 2020 comes to an end, a year unlike any other, Google is giving a new way to celebrate the arrival of 2021 on the calendar.

The tech giant’s virtual assistant can sing a goofy New Year song featuring a New Year ball, similar to the one on the screen at Times Square in New York that is dropped as the clock strikes midnight when the new year begins.

Users just need to say, “Hey Google, sing the New Year’s song,” to count down to the new year. The lyrics of the song goes like, “Sing a song for the new year/ I hope that we all thrive,” Kindness, love, and laughter/ May that be our guide.”

There is also a suggestion tab below the dancing ball that reads, “What’s the magic word,” to which Google replies, “The magic word is please.”

Google Assistant can also sing region-specific versions of the song. The corny lyrics and robotic music is Google’s way of saying goodbye to the year that offered more forgettable memories than anyone would have liked.

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