11,000 litres of milk, curd and ghee poured in foundation pit for Devnarayan temple as a mark of reverence for deity Lord Devnarayan Credit: Facebook image (Manohar Joseph)

In a bizarre incident, around 11,000 litres of milk, 1,500 litres of curd and 100 kg of desi ghee were poured into a pit during the foundation ceremony of Devnarayan temple in Rajasthan. The foundation ceremony of the temple was held in the Ratlai region of Jhalawar district on Saturday by the Gujjar community.

According to the Gujjar community, the milk, ghee and curd were poured as a mark of reverence for deity Lord Devnarayan.

The total cost of all the ingredients poured into the pit was Rs 1.5 lakh. The temple will cost around Rs 1 crore and will be ready in two years.

According to Ramlal Gujjar, the spokesperson of the temple construction committee, the donations were given by the Gujjar community following an appeal by the temple construction committee. The Gujjar community believes that deity Devnarayan protects their cattle, and hence they owe everything to their Lord.

Speaking about if it is a mandatory tradition for the Gujjar community to pour milk on such ceremonies, he said that although it is not compulsory to pour milk during the foundation ceremonies, it has been done a few times in the past. It is nothing in comparison to what the Lord has given them, they said.

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