Named “Virtue Fresh,” the machine works in a three-part process, as all the fruits and vegetables are washed with RO water followed by ozone washing, and are lastly dried Credit: EastMojo image

Owner of Bipanan Khetra, Nayanjyoti Bhattacharya, has introduced a new-age machine that removes harmful pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

Named “Virtue Fresh,” the machine basically works in a three-part process. First, all the fruits and vegetables are washed with RO (reverse osmosis) water, followed by ozone washing, and lastly, they are dried.

Bhattacharya is also the founder of this Virtue Fresh ozone washing plant. Talking to EastMojo, his daughter Satakshi Bhattacharya said, “This is the first time that such a machine is introduced in the Northeast,” adding that the ozone washing machine was bought from Andhra Pradesh at a cost of Rs 40 lakh.

The machine was officially inaugurated on Sunday at the Bipanan Khetra. No additional expenses for the Ozone washing of vegetables and fruits are required as it is borne by the Khetra itself.

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