Ashwini’s phone contained several videos of her colleagues in hostel in compromising situations

On December 5, a staff nurse of a private hospital in Whitefield, Bangalore was caught red-handed by security officials while recording a video of a woman in the washroom. However, further investigation revealed this was a case of voyeurism, as Ashwini (the accused) revealed that she was recording other women to ensure that her boyfriend married her.

Prabhu, the boyfriend, aged 35, and Ashwini, aged 25 are both in police custody, and preliminary investigations revealed that Ashwini’s phone contained several videos of her colleagues in the hostel in compromising situations, which she shared with her boyfriend. She added that she had no idea what her boyfriend was doing with the videos.

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A senior police official informed that they had to work fast and find out if the videos were uploaded on any social media platforms or were recorded to blackmail the women. After nabbing Prabhu from Tamil Nadu, the police seized mobiles and memory cards, and concluded that the videos were not further circulated by Prabhu.

According to the police official, Ashwini from Tamil Nadu is a divorcee and wanted to marry Prabhu and had recorded the videos on his demand to impress him. The duo has been booked under the IPC section 354C (voyeurism) and sent to Central Prison. Additionally, Prabhu is also charged with allegedly abetting his girlfriend.

The duo’s love affair began with a wrong number and started when in 2017 Prabhu- a cook in a Chennai hotel dialed Ashwini’s number. Their friendship grew and when Ashwini expressed her desire to marry him, he started avoiding her after knowing that Ashwini is a divorcee. It was there when Ashwini told Prabhu that she was ready to do whatever he wanted. It was allegedly Prabhu who demanded the videos which he later deleted after seeking his voyeuristic pleasure.

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