Suchomlo Suki Ezung is a scribbler who started at the tender age of seven, when her mom handed her a notepad at the church to keep herself entertained

Dimapur: Suki as she is fondly addressed by her dear ones, Suchomlo Suki Ezung is one of the youngest writers from Nagaland, having published two books at the age of 14. Hailing from the hill town of Kohima, Suki is a scribbler who started at the tender age of seven, when her mom handed her a notepad at the church to keep herself entertained.

In a candid interview with EastMojo at ete Coffee in Kohima, Suki recalled how she started penning down letters and stories to God to keep herself entertained as she would attend church with her parents. Her first collection of short stories, Suki’s Magic Box, was published at the age of seven.

Suki’s sister Chonjani Chaya Ezung

Suki told us how the pandemic and the lockdown has affected her. “It’s been quite boring actually, not being able to see your friends or your family members in this lockdown. Living a secluded life, it’s been quite a toll for me. So I write down these feelings and I maintain a lockdown dairy, which is where I write down poems too.”

On her best moments as a writer, Suki sagaciously pointed out that “when I put my imagination into it, when I write, the only thoughts that I have are about my inspiration. It’s about what’s coming to my mind or what I want my readers to feel. So it’s all about imagination and about what you want people to think of the stories or the words that you have written.”

Mother Meripini Zares with her daughters

Suki’s imaginative mind takes the simple things and feelings from life and turns them into their own stories.

Suki’s proud mother, Meripini Zares, is the one giving wind to her wings. “I realised quite early on when I saw those stories that she had written, that she had a gift, a natural gift for it. So as a mother my only job was to encourage her and see that she explores her talent.”

Inspired, Suki’s younger sister, Chonjani Chaya Ezung, joins in: “Well, I do have some plans because she inspired me to do some poetry and stories. So yes, I want to publish a book and I want to publish poetry for her next book.”

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