"This coming Christmas and New Year everything will be held online" said pastor Guwahati Baptist Church Azizul Haque

Christmas is almost here, lights are already up in many houses and Christmas trees are looking up across marketplaces and malls in Guwahati. The churches in the city, however, are leading by example during the pandemic. From restricting the number of people to going completely virtual, 2020 christmas could be a socially distanced affair at Guwahati churches.

Team EastMojo spoke to Azizul Haque, the pastor of Guwahati Baptist Church, to know their christmas plans. “This coming Christmas and New Year everything will be held online. Members would remain at their respective places and we will broadcast the programme live,” said Haque, adding that no one should visit the Church this year.

Meanwhile, considering the COVID-19 situation, there are restrictions on otherwise popular door to door carols, as well as the community fests this year, the pastor said.

“We can have mass gatherings following the COVID-19 protocols as stated by the state government. However, we are going way ahead of that as one of our members died due to the coronavirus and a total of 15 people have been affected so far,” he added.

As of now, Assam has recorded a total of 2,13,250 COVID-19 cases, out of which 3,539 are still active cases. A total of 1,011 deaths have been recorded so far.

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