Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove says "Santa Claus is immune to COVID-19"

With Christmas just days away, children around the world are raising concerns about the COVID-19 impacting their favourite reindeer-riding Santa Claus. The World Health Organization (WHO) was questioned about this during a media briefing, and children will be relieved to know the answer.

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s Technical Head, responded to media’s question with “I understand the concern for Santa, because he is of older age. I can tell you that Santa Claus is immune to this virus.”

She said that WHO has talked to a number of world leaders, who said that they have relaxed quarantine measures for ‘Santa’ to allow him to enter their airspace and deliver presents to children.

Although Van Kerkhove seemed eager to help spread the holiday spirit, she said, “I think it is very important that all the children of the world understand that physical distancing by Santa Claus and also of the children themselves must be strictly enforced.”

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