Shillong: Following the threats made by Hynñiewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC), Meghalaya Home Minister Lahkmen Rymbui on Monday informed that intelligence of the police department is looking into it.

“We have so many leads, but until and unless we get a concrete proof we cannot divulge anything. The matter is under investigation, and it is not only investigated by state police but is also watched by several other organisations,” informed Rymbui.

Earlier, HNLC claimed responsibility of the IED blast at Star Cement in East Jaintia Hills District on Saturday evening. HNLC has also threatened to carry out more blasts in different locations that they have identified.

Rymbui said, “We have seen that people of the state are very cooperative. I think with the vigilance of the civil society and people we will know and get information whatever is the intention of any criminal group which is there in the state.”

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When asked about the demand for tax by HNLC, Rymbui said, “No extra organisation can levy a tax, except the provision of the law, so what the other people claim I cannot say but whatever tax is levied only by duly authorised empowered by law and not beyond the law.”

He added, “I don’t know if it is the HNLC or not because whatever claims made, but from the end of the police, we will look at all possibilities to deter this type of thing. Because we treat such kind of things like a criminal.”

Rymbui reiterated that the HNLC is a banned organisation. He informed that there has been no communication with the Government of India concerning HNLC. “Since November 2019 after last notification of banning HNLC was issued till date there has been no further communication,” informed Rymbui.

Rymbui stated that the government is ready and the doors are open for peace talks. “Talks should not happen by threatening, it should happen on mutual understanding,” said Rymbui.

He added that the department will not let its guard down. He informed that those who made claims with the blast at Shallang have been arrested. He urged the citizens if they are threatened to report to the police so that action will be taken appropriately.

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