Landuanlung Kamei watering the flowers he planted in Churachandpur district

Churachandpur: Most senior citizens look forward to relaxing, taking rest and spending time with family in their sunset years. But 74-year-old Landuanlung Kamei from Ngarian (Raenghzaeng) village in Manipur is not your usual senior citizen. Whatever time he has, he spends on his single-biggest passion: marigold flowers.

He has set out on a noble mission of planting marigold flowers along the old Cachar road in Churachandpur district. He started the mission in 2018, and he is now popularly known as the Marigold man of Manipur.

The selfless act and service rendered by him have now finally benefited the public, as the inter-district road from Bishenpur to Khoupum is blanketed with colourful flowers. The site which stretches of around 2 km has now become a sight to behold for passerby.

Speaking with EastMojo, Kamei informed that he once visited the Nehru Park in New Delhi where he saw the ‘Samadhi’ of Nehru was surrounded with beautiful flowers.

“My mood was transformed when I saw the flowers at the Nehru Park. I realised how a place can change with the presence of those natures. Since then, I have been imagining my home town road transforming into such a clean and brighter road,” said Kamei.

In 2018, Kamei started planting the marigold flower saplings

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The site has now beome a sight to behold for passerbys

When he initially ventured his project, he was mentally harassed and mocked by locals. But this father of nine kids worked relentlessly and achieved his first set of goal single-handedly. His next target is to plant more flowers on a larger scale.

“Every morning, I started cleaning and levelling the side roads for planting the saplings, and now I can see the result of my hard work,” he told EastMojo.

“People passing by this road felt very pleasant by seeing the flowers, and that gives me immense happiness which can’t be explained in words,” added Kamei.

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