Popular messaging app WhatsApp has launched a new ‘Add to Cart’ button to make the platform more sufficient and independent for shopping. This feature comes a month after the US-based company introduced a shopping feature.

With the new ‘Add to Cart’ option, users will be able to group their favourite items or the products they would like to buy in a separate folder much like any e-commerce site. For this, users or potential buyers need to choose items from the catalogue provided by any WhatsApp Business account.

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Follow these steps to use the latest feature:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your regular devices

Step 2: Search for the business profile of the business you’d like to order from and open the chat

Step 3: Click on the shopping button icon present next to their name at the top

Step 4: This will bring you face to face with the catalogue of the business

Step 5: Now browse through the products and select the ones you like

Step 6: For selecting, tap on a product and select ‘ADD TO CART’ option if you would like to order the same

According to a WhatsApp help page, in order to clear doubts about the product, users will be able to tap ‘MESSAGE BUSINESS’ option and ask any specific question about the product to the seller directly on WhatsApp itself. There is a ‘VIEW CART’ option for users to double check the cart and edit items.

Once you are sure about the items in the cart, you can send all of the orders to the seller in the form of a single message on WhatsApp chat. The seller will then confirm the order, have a chat about the timings, delivery and other variables before going ahead with the buy. You can use WhatsApp Pay to successfully complete the transaction.

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