Some basic lifestyle changes can help us make ourselves feel better

During pre-COVID times, our work lives were much more happening. We would make efforts in choosing the perfect outfit, plan our schedule around the entire day and look forward to stepping outside our homes. But the pandemic has changed all of that.

Now, we stay at home and our schedule has been reduced to only work with the associated perks being reduced to null. This situation can affect our mental health and we might feel down on some days.

However, did you know there were some lifestyle changes that can be incorporated to help us make ourselves feel better? Try these out:

Refresh your workspace

To deal with the drudgery that comes with working at the same computer table or room corner, you can liven up things by changing small aspects of your workspace. De-cluttering the station, rearranging stuff around the work corner, and changing your working position are some of the ideas.

Remember to take breaks

While we don’t have tea or coffee breaks to enjoy with colleagues, we still need to get up from our seats, stretch and take a break regularly. Set an alarm after 20 or 30 minutes and as soon as that time is up, get up and do some stretching.

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Be kind to yourself

Isolation is not easy for human beings, given we are social organisms so give yourself the due break. Be thankful to yourself for being able to get up and start working. Give compliments to yourself for accomplishing tasks and do not blame yourself for any mishaps.

Reduce your screen time

Although our phones and computers have us connected to the world, we need to think about our eyes and brains as well. So during breaks, leave the workstation and do not look at your phone. Instead, water the plants, do a bit of rope jumping or drink water.

Connect with colleagues

The work can become tiring if you interact with your colleagues with only work material. Call them up or chat to ask if things are alright with them. This way you won’t be engaging in personal things while at work, while simultaneously taking care of your mental well being.

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