A yellow coloured heavy truck can be seen hitting the woman which makes her fall to the ground Credit: Twitter

Video of an elderly woman who miraculously escaped unhurt after getting run over by a truck has surfaced on social media. The video has been shot in Tiruchengode, Tamil Nadu, reported CGTN.

In the 54-second clip recorded by the security camera, we can see the woman wearing a white and pink-coloured saree. She was standing near the right turn on the main road and was trying to cross the road.

At this moment, a yellow coloured heavy truck can be seen hitting the woman, which makes her fall to the ground. The truck then runs her over, however, the elderly woman survived the accident because she was on the road with the wheels of the truck not touching her when the vehicle crossed over her.

We can see the woman sitting on the road and shouting at the driver after the vehicle crosses her over.

As per CGTN, the woman, in the video, is named Theresa and was visiting Tiruchengode. She was on her way back to her home when the truck hit her. Theresa was trying to cross the road and get to the bus stand.

Reportedly, the incident is from December 2. The entire incident was captured on the security camera on the street.

Passersby on the street can also be seen in the video looking shockingly at the accident and miraculous escape of the elderly woman.

While all of them kept moving after seeing that the woman had survived, one person could be seen rushing to help the accident victim who was sitting on the road.

Local police have filed a case and arrested the driver of the lorry.

While many of the commenters thanked God for the miraculous escape of Theresa, some people were also quick to notice how most people kept moving on the road as if nothing had happened and did not offer to help her.

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